Pictures of The Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

After discovering that Birmingham had catacombs, Dan and I decided to do a short photographic tour of The Jewellery Quarter. As it was only a short tour, we picked a few places to visit, such as The Pen Room and The Warstone Lane Cemetery (where the catacombs are), and did a whistle-stop tour of other parts. We'll hopefully visit the area again, and capture a few more places next time.

Photos by Barbie & Dan.

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Old tw2 offices St Pauls & BT Tower
Looking up Legge Lane Panoramic view from car parl on Legge Lane
No 3 Legge Lane on the left
Victoria Works Argent Centre
all pen nibs more pen nibs!
Warstone Lane Cemetery Lodge
The War Stone
The Catacombs
View from Icknield Street
Icknield Street School
The Jewellery Museum BT Tower St John's Ambulance Headquarters

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