WolvesLUG Christmas Party - 19th Dec 2007

That time of year again, when Tux cakes are made (kudos to Steph) and eaten, bring your own beer is consumed and the delights of the Spice Avenue are enjoyed. This year we also had Ron's Christmas Quiz (won by James), Aq's novelty Christmas Crackers and great game of Werewolf where the Werewolves (ReLoad, Ron and myself) knocked out The Seer (Maaaarley) in the second guess and went on to win even though two of us got nominated for lynching by the Villagers :)

Discussions including the continuation of Reload's team meeting and why regular digital alarm clocks has a snooze button that last 9 minutes, what happens to the missing hops inside an ISP for your email, and do we have any ethernet cable to find out how quickly an EMP blast vaporizes it! Among many other things. A damn fine night, great company and decent food. And thanks to Herbert for letting Kat and Dave come along too.

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The Tux Cake (Steph++)
Prizesz Ron reveals the answers 1st - James (20/20)
2nd - Chris (18/20) 3rd - Aq (13/20)
The cake was popular Window Art - WolvesLUG style

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