Open Source Code

For those not already aware, I've been a programmer since 1980. Much of the stuff I've written has been for personal use and I've never really thought it was worth distributing. I wish I had collected all my sh, bash, sed and awk scripts over the years, as some of them were very useful for getting trival things done. Since 1999 I've been programming in Perl and some of the code I've written is available on CPAN. All Open Source. However, as CPAN was meant for Perl libraries, I personally don't like the idea of applications and scripts living there, so have never released any of my handy little utilities. To change that, this page will list all the applications and utilities I get around to packaging.

The Code


dbdump is a small utility to archive one or more databases, storing them remotely to provide additional safety from server failure. Download the tarball and copy the and dbdump.ini files to the appropriate directory. Update the dbdump.ini file as appropriate, ensure the ssh keys work between the local and remote servers and ensure you have a database user that can access the local databases without requiring a password.


plasma is a web application for use to promote the scehdule, list news and include photos for a conference event. It is intended to be displayed on a screen (such as a computer terminal or plasma screen) on the front desk, to keep people inform of any changes or simply as a nice feature.

The original application, written in PHP by Stuart "Aq" Langridge, is available on request, however this version has been rewritten in Perl. Download the tarball and install as per the instructions in the README file.


Formerly known as xhtml-valid, Test-XHTML is a DTD validation library, which includes the xhtml-valid command-line program, used to validate web pages and stand alone files against their own specified DTD. The library now includes some basic WAI compliance checks.

Download the tarball and install via the following command-line install method (requires you to have Perl installed): cpan ./Test-XHTML-0.04.tar.gz

There is now a GitHub repository, if you wish to supply patches and have suggestions for improvements.


Unless otherwise noted all software is released as free software; such that you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of The Artistic License v2.0.

Reporting Bugs

Initially I release everything as alpha, until I feel the code is stable enough to release with a major version number. As such anything listed above of the style '0.01' should be considered alpha, and changes between releases maybe significant, although unlikely.

Although I do try and minimise the existence of bugs, it is quite possible they do exist. If you have a problem, please me know and I'll do my best to create a fix if appropriate. If you're able to supply a patch that would be much appreciated too, and although you won't get your name in lights, you will get credited in the Changes file. Fixes are dependant upon their severity and my availablity. Should a fix not be forthcoming, please feel free to (politely) remind me.


Some Rights Reserved Unless otherwise expressly stated, all original material of whatever nature created by Barbie and included in the Memories Of A Roadie website and any related pages, including the website's archives, is licensed under a Creative Commons by Attribution Non-Commercial License. If you wish to use material for commercial puposes, please contact me for further assistance regarding commercial licensing.