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Posted on 21st January 2008

The John Hancock Building from Sears Tower

The John Hancock Building from Sears Tower

The other day I was looking up something about tall buildings. I got sidetracked and started looking up some of the tall buildings and towers that I've been too. Then I discovered there are also several that are under construction or in the planning stage.

I've always loved climbing up really high and looking at the view. When I was a kid I climbed a sand derek at a disused sand quarry near Brereton in Cheshire, now known as Brereton Heath Local Nature Reserve. It was probably about 100ft high and swayed when you got to the top. We shouldn't have climbed up and the area should have been more protected from curious kids than it was, but as far as I know there were no incidents.

Since then I've been fortunate that two locations for YAPC::NAs I've been to, Toronto and Chicago hold the title of tallest tower and building (including antenna) respectively, The CN Tower and Sears Tower. The views are incredible. However, since the current tallest buildings (minus antenna) are in places where it's unlikely I'm going to get to any time soon, it was quite intriguing to discover that Chicago, hosts of the 2008 YAPC::NA, is in the construction of The Chicago Spire, expected to open in 2011. All being well I'll be in Chicago during this summer and I plan to visit the construction site. Not sure how much I'll get to see, but it'll be interesting to get photos now and return in a few years time to see the end result.


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