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Posted on 27th April 2008

Heroes started again in the UK this week. Thanks to some scouring of the internet earlier in the year, some friends had manage to get hold of the complete series as broadcast in the US before the writers strike. As such I've already watch it all, but it's one of those shows that it's just as enjoyable watching it all again.

Reading some of the reviews earlier in the year, I was surprised that there was a bad reaction to all the new characters. From the first episode the plot lines are drawn very well, and I felt the new characters complimented the stories very well. In fact in some cases they are pivotal to progression of the characters we have already grown to love from the first series.

I'm not going to give away any plot lines, but after the ending of the first series, there was a huge hole in our television viewing, so this series had a lot of expectations place upon it, both to answer some of the outstanding questions and to be bigger and better than the first series. Some of the questions do get answered, and there are plenty more to keep you guessing all the way to the end, but it's a series that actually does exceptionally well at bringing the expectations back up and priming you ready for the third series.

Due to the writers strike, the second series ends after 11 episodes, but they've ended it very well, and like the ending of the first series has you eagerly waiting to see what happens next. There was also meant to be a off-shoot series entitled Origins, but with all the delays and the work now having to concentrate on Series 3, that has been cancelled. It's a shame as I quite like the idea of there being some side stories that don't detract from the main storylines of Heroes. Mind you, there is also the fact that being one of the best TV series around at the moment, we're in dire need of something decent to watch. Although Medium, Dexter and Pushing Daises are doing a good job too :)


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