From the Time You Say Goodbye

Posted on 31st March 2009

Today was my last day at MessageLabs/Symantec. After 6 years it was sad to say goodbye to a lot of people, as it has been an absolute pleasure working with such a great group of people. There are some people I'm going to really miss, but thankfully several of them I will be able to catch up with at various Perl events throughout the year.

I've worked on some intresting projects and learnt a lot about SMTP, email and networking during my time with MessageLabs. In fact it's been so interesting it has been worth the morning and evening drive along the M5 for every working day in the last 6 years! But now it's time to move on.

My future challenges currently involve working on all the Open Source and Perl (obviously) projects that I haven't had time for over the past year, taking some time out, relishing NOT having to travel along the M5 every morning and evening, and planning my international speaking tour (okay there are currently only 4 dates throughout the year, but it sounds good ;)) 

I'm not planning to rush into anything, and instead want to take the time to find the right job for me, and to find the right company that can make good use of me. There are a few possibilities that have already been mentioned to me, so I'm hopeful that I won't be looking for too long.

In the meantime, expect several updates to CPAN, CPAN Testers, Maisha, among many other projects I haven't time to work on properly for the past year or so. I shall not be idle :)


Hi Barbie

It was great working with you too! I'll follow your future perl adventures in details and hope to see you soon at YAPC or for a local meet :)

Posted by Arnaud on Wednesday, 1st April 2009

Good luck

It must be nice to take time off and do your own thing for once!

Posted by David Goodwin on Friday, 3rd April 2009

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