The Last Wall of the Castle

Posted on 13th June 2011

Back in September 2008, Dan and I were fortunate enough to discover a special event happening at the Weoley Castle ruins. The event was one of only a few open days for the ruins, which allowed us to actually walk around the ruins, as well as being given a walking tour of the ruins.

The event was fantastic, and there was the hope that these sort of events would happen again. In addition there were plans to open a special education centre, so children on school trips could come and learn about the history of the castle and the area. Over the last year, Birmingham City Council have spent £1.14 million on improving the site and completing the education centre for future generations.

All the improvements couldn't have happened without Heritage Lottery funding and English Heritage. In recognition of the improvements, the site has been put forward for the Best Heritage Projects category of the National Lottery Awards. It has been successful enough to now be in the public semi-final.

The site is now looking for public support to reach the final. To support the Weoley Castle ruins, you can vote either online or phone. For further details see the B31 Blog article. Go vote, the castle really does deserve your support.


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