Chocolate Girl

Posted on 8th March 2011

Easter is coming soon, and its a time when chocolate seems to feature heavily in advertisements and on supermarket shelves. However, not everyone can share the taste. It's not necessarily that they don't like chocolate, but they may have more personal reasons for not wanting to buy regular branded chocolate.

Now you have an alternative choice. The Chocolate Wendy House was created by a friend of ours, Wendy, who is a vegan. After becoming a vegan she missed the taste of chocolate. Several years ago she discovered she was able to buy vegan ingredients to make her own chocolate. She began by making her Vegan Cream Eggs for family and friends, and found them to be a big success.

Following this, Wendy expanded her range of chocolate products and built the website to sell her wares online. Now you can buy vegan chocolate cream eggs, hearts, rabbits and even orange segments.

Whether you're a vegan or not, if you like chocolate and would prefer something from a more ecologically friendly source, visit The Chocolate Wendy House for a change. You won't be disappointed :)

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Between The Wheels

Posted on 8th June 2008

A friend of mine, Arnaud, has been planning the trip of a lifetime for a couple of years. Earlier this year he began his sabbatical from work and prepared for his trek from France to China. Although based in Cheltenham, UK, he first headed over to France to stay with his parents and make final preparations for the trip. However, there have been a few issues regards getting into China, so at the moment he's unsure of whether he have to fly in, or will be able to ride in.

He has a website, Frog On A Bike, which he has been updating on a regular basis, with tales of his journey and plenty of photos and even a few videos of his trek. He's currently in Russia, heading for Astrakhan and Kazakhstan. Considering it's only been 6 weeks since he hit the road on 21st April for his World Tour, he's travelled a very impressive distance. It's been great reading of his travels, and looks to be a journey I would have loved to have done. Although, I think I would have had to drive rather than ride. I'm not that fit these days :)

The funniest sight he's seen so far has to be the Fake Police Car. I'm just hoping the UK police don't get ideas and start putting these around the country.

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