Suggested Cool Links


  • CPAN Testers Reports - The CPAN Testers reports order by distribution and author.
  • CPAN Testers Statistics - All the statistics for the CPAN testers reporting.
  • CPAN Testers Wiki - Information for testers and authors about CPAN Testers.
  • Perl Blogs - Various blogs about Perl.
  • Perl Iron Man Competition - Aggregator of Perl blogs, which are part of the Iron Man competition.
  • Perl Jam - A book about how to organise a conference. Based on the experiences of organising a YAPC.
  • Perl Monks - Useful resource to Perl programmers, from beginner to guru. Ask for help and advice, read the reviews, musings and code snippets offered up by many members of the Perl community.
  • Use Perl - News and journals for many of the leading members of the Perl community
  • YAPC Surveys - Results of surveys presented to attendees of YAPC::Europe and YAPC::NA Perl conferences.




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