Baby Can You Hold Me Tonight

When the darkness closes in again
I get so lonely I can hear the silent rain
You're lonesome too, that ain't right
Baby won't you hold me tonight ?

When the dawn breaks through the glaze
I hold an empty heart that's seen empty days
Now's the time for a change to come
And I felt a glow inside when you came along
Different colours can only make us strong
Our hearts beat together as one

This river's flow is getting wider
As our horizon's are getting brighter
I'll be the man for your shotgun bride
Baby will you hold me tonight ?

When I see your eyes, shine like the stars
These moments I just want to feel your arms
Won't you tell me, do you feel the same ?
Please don't say that all my love's in vain
Can't we share the laughter, smiles and pain
And cleanse our souls in a summer's rain

This ocean of love is getting deeper
My resistance ever weaker
I see you shining by your own light
Baby won't you hold me tonight

Who knows how long we've got
But I don't want this love to stop
I ain't no angel sure
But I won't walk out that door, without you by my side


Within a golden sunset's calm we could walk the sand
In the twilight, two together just hand in hand
Your beauty's all that fills my sight
Baby let me hold you tonight
Baby can I hold you all night
Baby will you hold me tonight

© Barbie 17th August 1995

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