Black Widow

There's a lady in the darkness, she's watching everyone
My senses tingle sweetly, when she sees I want some fun
Her eyes they do seduce me, as my hunger starts to rise
I think I've just found heaven and it sure ain't in the skies

She takes me by the hand and leads me through an open door
Into Black Widow's parlour, where the virgins rule no more
She locks the door behind me, then turns the lights down low
She screams "I love you madly", well I guess it must be so

Black Widow spins and weaves a web
With the strands of ecstasy
Black Widow's on the hunt tonight
And the fly she caught was me

She loosens all her bindings and reveals to me her charms
Mine fall twice as quickly, when she holds to me her arms
Kissing every inch of me, I feel her maim and maul
Teasing my favourite finger 'til I'm standing proud and tall


Now it's my turn for exploring, as I caress her fleshy mounds
Her forest of adventure begs "enter in my grounds"
And now the foreplay's over, she prepares for another bite
Rhythmic motions take me, now I'm ready to board my flight

My passion overcomes me, as I ice her sugar walls
Desire can often blind you, when you're heading for a fall

Black Widow you're just too much for me
Though now is too late to see
On a one way trip, there is no turning back
'cos Black Widow
'cos Black Widow
'cos Black Widow will make you crack

© Barbie 25th February 1986

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