The Final Curtain

Sitting here in some lonesome bar
Drownin' sorrows one more time
In a corner far from the spotlight's glare
Takin' comfort in a bottle of wine

Though the lights have died, the music's gone
I fuelled a million teenage years
Like fading stars, those memories
Won't wipe away my tears

But don't cry for me
There's always one more town
Don't cry for me
There's always another round

So I sing my songs, though I forget the words
Would you help me once again
I remember times when they called for more
Now I can't even get a friend

I saw the light go out one last time
As I took my final curtain call
But will you remember me as you hear this song
When you all cried out for more

But don't cry for me
Though in sorrow I may drown
Don't cry for me
I just need another round

© Barbie May 1994

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