I Only Want To Be Your Man

I was a loner never wanted for nothing, 'til you came along
Living in a world where I thought nothing could go wrong
You came and changed the score
Had me coming back for more
Wouldn't change if it I could
I've never felt this good
I only want to be your man

I've been on the run, spent ten years on the trail
But now that's changed, I'm hanging on tooth and nail
You've turned everything upside down
I'm just begging to be your clown
Wouldn't change it if I could
I've never felt so good
I only want to be your man

Baby what's on your mind
Make it, don't waste your time
I want it to be more than a one night stand
'cause baby I only want to be your man

Everything about you makes the whole world beautiful
Though compared to you, even sunshine seems so dull
You came and turned me round
Since I kissed you, haven't touched the ground
I'd wear your heart on my sleeve
Would you do the same for me
I only want to be your man

© Barbie 1995

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