Supressor Agressor (Seduction, Part ♂)

What is love ?

With subtle glances you seduced me with your eyes
Your curve and beauty only spelt your own demise

Tempted by the sight of you
Feel all my hunger start to rise
Another one I've yet to use
Waiting for her gift of life

Now I'm master over all that I survey
Watch an innocent become a willing prey

Drawn into this web of hate
Hard and fast you learnt my way
Naivity's last mistake
Gone forever in a passion play


Now you realise too late
Like shattered shards you're thrown away
Wasted words and burning hate
Are lost in shadows where I once lay

Don't try to understand
Just accept that it's my way
Unsated by a tainted hand
I wait until another day

Don't play with life, you'll get your fingers burnt
Don't play with life, you'll end up getting hurt
You'll pay the price, if you can't see the cards are marked
You'll pay the price, if you're playing with you heart

So tell me .... what ..... is ..... love ?

© Barbie 1993

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