Evil is lurking nearer
Silent chills down my spine
Something's waiting in the darkness
It's just biding more time

What's he watching ?
What's he waiting for ?

A presence in a doorway
I feel it in the hall
I can see it in my minds eye
It's coming through the wall

What's it watching ?
What's it waiting for ?

The screams are still in my head
Confusion reigns, am I dead ?
What's inside, is this intrusion ?
You've taken me, that's violation
You've left your mark, now let me be
The wounds will burn inside of me
When they're young I'll watch them grow
I'll even wonder if you know

Laughing, he's a hero
Silent footsteps walk away
Just another for the number
Perform the act outside the play

Lurker watching over
Commands the spell to encage
He will wait forever
For my soul to enslave

Mortal isolation
Spirit wanting to break free
Something lurking in the recess
Spirit burning inside of me

No-one could ever help me
It's much too late for you to see
Nothing left within my power
Nothing could ever set me free

© Barbie 1986

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