YAPC::NA Chicago - 17th June 2008 - Day Two

Day Two of the conference also featured the Conference Dinner. The dinner itself was in the basement of the conference venue, which worked out rather well. Food was good and I was delighted to find some Indian cuisine in there, with Tandoori Chicken and samosas. Obviously not as good as Birmingham faire, but I was glad I got seconds ;) After and during food and plenty of games, including bowling, there was also the auction. Larry allowed himself to be auction off for dinner, which was eventually won by a large of Perlmonks. Despite making several bids in the silent auction, I managed to come away with nothing. The auction seemed to finish early, but seeing as there were more people in the games area, I guess they felt that the resources of those in the room had been very well tapped.

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They had Guiness :)

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