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Posted on 4th February 2008

Sometimes you come across an artist that just truly amazes you with their talent. In todays Metro free newspaper there was an article on Juan Francisco Casas, who creates photo-like quality drawings using only a blue Bic biro. The drawings/paintings are staggering and I can see why he has gained recognition for his work. His noteriety began when he submitted a drawing to national art competition in Spain in 2004, and won second prize. He has been asked to come over to the UK to display his work, but he's can't at the moment as he has managed to sell every one he's done! I'd certainly be interested in seeing the work in real life, although I don't expect I will be buying any, as I have my own live-in artist ;)

For me what is perhaps most refreshing is that Juan quite obviously has real talent, and not some pretentious view on art. I'm not a fan of people who claim to be creating classic works of art just by splashing paint at the canvas. Yes, it's interesting and some times very pleasing to look at, but I think Ethne has more real talent in her art work than anyone able to throw a paint pot around. Ethne can even do that too!

I hope Juan Francisco Casas becomes as celebrated as he deserves, as it's about time that some real artists got a bit of notoriety again. Which reminds me, I must sort out Nicole's website :)


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