Rebels In Kontrol

Posted on 29th December 2021

This entry's poll year was 2018. A year I listened to a lot of industrial / EBM / Goth music, as highlighted in my top 5.

KMFDM have been a long time favourite, and this live album pulled together a collection of songs for various periods of the bands history, although most came from the latest album (at the time) Hell Yeah, and was the last tour I saw them on too. Freak Flag and Rebels In Kontrol being particular favourites.

VNV Nation were a band I first saw in London around 20 years ago, and have enjoyed their live sets on several occasions since. The last couple of studio albums didn't quite grab me as much as earlier albums, but I think Ronan must have had a reset, because Noire is quite simply the best album they've made. Difficult to pick a favourite, as every track is so good, but Lights Go Out and When Is The Future? do get turned up a bit more when they come on.

I first saw Gary Numan in 1984 on the Warriors tour. The difference between that tour, and this The Savage Tour, are a stark contrast to how Gary has changed his sound. While back then there was more syntheziers in the mix, now it's a much more guitar, bass and drum focused sound. Samples and synthesizers are still there, but now the whole show is quiet emotive, plus Gary talks to the audience a lot more too. Favourites from the shows were Here In The Black and My Name Is Ruin, the latter with Persia on backing vocals and video screen.

I hadn't listened to Front Line Assembly for sometime, but after listening to some instrumental albums, this got suggested to me, and I think it's one of their best. A follow-up to AirMech, WarMech is another video game soundtrack. As such, several of the tracks are very atomspheric, and as a consequence another album that's difficult to pick a favourite, but Meteorfall does amuse me for the ZX Spectrum like loading sounds at the beginning.

I missed on seeing Steve Hackett with Genesis, and I also missed his first couple of tours playing his Genesis Revisted shows. However, After a friends rave review a few years back, I listened to the Hammersmith live album, and was hooked. Since then I've managed to see every tour, and was delighted to walk in to Birmingham Symphony Hall on the 2017 tour to be told they were recording the show for CD & DVD release. The show itself was fantastic, and Wuthering Nights: Live In Birmingham goes some way to capturing the live experience that night. Show opener, Every Day and Firth Of Fifth were definite highlights.

A notable mention to my sixth placed album, The Girl In The Trees by my wife, Nicole. An amazing album, and all her hard work that went into writing, recording and producing the songs and the arkwork, was certainly worth it. If you'd like to hear more, check out her bandcamp page

1 KMFDM Live In The USSA
2 VNV Nation Noire
3 Gary Numan Savage – Live at Brixton Academy
4 Front Line Assembly WarMech
5 Steve Hackett Wuthering Nights: Live in Birmingham
6 Nicole Perrott Hughes The Girl In The Trees
7 Yes Fly From Here: Return Trip
8 Mogwai Kin
9 Bruce Springsteen Springsteen On Broadway
10 Ministry AmeriKKKant
11 Mono Inc. Welcome To Hell
12 Night Verses From The Gallery Of Sleep
13 Steve Wilson Home Invasion
14  <PIG> Risen
15 Therapy? Cleave
16 Funker Vogt Wastelands
17 Everyday Dust Landscape X And The Valley Of Foghorns
18 KT Tunstall Wax
19 Indigo Girls Live with the University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra
20 Cowboy Junkies All That Reckoning
21 R.E.M. R.E.M. at the BBC
22 Live Local 717
23 Kingcrow The Persistence
24 Mike Shinoda Post Traumatic
25 A Perfect Circle Eat the Elephant
26 Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs King Of Cowards
27 Gnod Chapel Perilous
28 Echo & The Bunnymen The Stars, the Oceans & the Moon
29 Halestorm Vicious
30 Die So Fluid One Bullet From Paradise
31 Of Mice And Men Defy
32 Neil Young Songs For Judy
33 Kirstin Hersh Possible Dust Clouds
34 Leah The Quest
35 Bardo Pond Volume 8
36 Prince Piano and a Microphone 1983
37 The Breeders All Nerve
38 She Drew The Gun Revolution Of Mind
39 Arena Double Vision
40 Ann Wilson Immortal
41 Magnum Lost on the Road to Eternity
42 The Ocean Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic
43 Sevendust All I See Is War
44 Dee Snider For the Love of Metal
45 Twelfth Night Sequences
46 Breaking Benjamin Ember
47 Judas Priest Firepower
48 Thrice Palms
49 Clutch Book of Bad Decisions
50 CHVRCHES Love Is Dead


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