Turn, Turn, Turn

Posted on 7th February 2008

Last month I discovered a games site called Your Turn My Turn. They feature several online games, which are based on two-player games that are turn based. Several are quite traditional games, such as Backgammon, Rummy and Go, but they are starting to introduce some other games. One of which is Lost Cities, which I've enjoyed playing with DanDan, but wanted to play a bit more with more experienced players. Their online version follows the original game, although only one round is played. I won my first game, but it looks like I might be losing my second game. However, aside from the one-off games, they also hold tournaments. This weekend I decided that I would put my name to the Lost Cities tornament.

It all kicked off on Sunday and I've already got through several plays of each game in my group. I don't think I'm doing too badly at the moment, but it can easily go downhill rapidly when you get to the end game, as I'm discovering in my second one-off game. Still, it makes a difference to losing at Scabulous far too often recently ;)


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