Toronto - Flight, Tower and Fireworks

The 2005 YAPC::NA Perl Conference took place in Toronto, so I took the opportunity to head out early and see some of the sights. However, I wasn't a typical tourist, as my interest was also based on seeing places around the city that had a reference for the band Rush. Thus landing at Toronto Lester B Pearson International Airport (call sign YYZ), was just the starting point. Did the usual CN Tower trip, and got to see the sights of Toronto, as well as getting the chance to see the view across the lake to Niagara Falls.

Walking from the CN to the shopping district, I sort out Massey Hall, location for the first Rush live album, All The World's A Stage. Walking further up to the Eaton Centre, due to the hot weather, the open space across the street had water fountains embedded in the paved area. Kids took great delight in running, jumping and just standing in the water :)

In the evening there was a firework display in a local park, but walking down to the water and eating at a bar outside meant I still had a reasonable view.

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