Naivity's Last Mistake (Seduction, Part ♀)

Posted on 16th September 2007

Saturday night, the lights are bright
I only came to dance
Suddenly you're eyes met mine
Held me in a trance
The music's getting louder
Feel it spinning me around
Your words of sweet seduction
Keep me spinning off the ground

Oh-oh, you caught me with your charm and style
Oh-oh, though your eyes never held a smile
Oh-oh, be still my beating heart
Oh-oh, didn"t see it at the start

Later that same evening
When you held me in your arms
I ask you to be gentle
Always keep me safe from harm
But too soon you held me open
Told me that "this is love
Forget about the romance girl
This is what what I want"

Oh-oh, no sweet or subtle tenderness
Oh-oh, no excuse for treating me like this
Oh-oh, never looked inside my heart
Oh-oh, wish I'd seen it at the start

Now I'm a little older
Now I understand
There's no such thing as romance
No soft caressing hand

Oh-oh, you spun me such a tender thread
Oh-oh, but I'm just another in your web
Oh-oh, my innocence beguiled
Oh-oh, my innocence defiled

© Barbie 1993


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